Monday, 10 December 2012

My Love Affair

Contrary to what the majority of people may think, women are very easy to please. You can make me happy with very small gestures, like getting me Ice-cream when I'm feeling blue for instance, and, yes, Ice-cream DOES make me happy. Another thing that makes me happy is shoes. I'm in love with shoes of all styles, colors and heal lengths, and only a small percentage of women are content with owning just a couple of pairs.

Shoes are a source of joy to me, regardless of my age or size. They a crucial part of the fashion statements we make and they help us express ourselves and articulate who we really are. Men may ask ‘Why shoes?’ The only logical respond I have for that is ‘Why power tools? Cars? Watches? Sports?’ It’s the same thing; each gender has its own way of manifesting itself, and I am capable of doing that through shoes.

The fact that shoes are not affected by weight gain is one of the reasons why they are very popular with women. More often than we’d like, we go shopping and feel that nothing looks good on us. Maybe it’s because we have gained some weight or for some mysterious reason we just think we look terrible in everything we try on, but shoes simply do not let us down in that department. There will always be a pair that will make us feel sexy, which is an unconscious aim we constantly strive for.

Shoes can effect how we carry ourselves and can effortlessly slim a thick leg. Heels force us to walk and sit with a straight back, contrary to flats, and they are incredibly flattering to our figures, and it is for this reason that we endure the pain of heels. According to studies, the average woman has approximately 30 pairs of shoes and women with shoe obsessions have 100 to 200 pairs.

My intimate relationship with shoes starts shortly after I learned to walk. When we slip on a pair of our mother's shoes, preferably high heels, instantly heightening our sense of what it means to be female. And then we grow up and get to be the same size as our mothers and our personality begins to assert itself with the first independent purchase of a pair of shoes. As adults, we ask shoes to be our representatives. At any given moment, they are indicators of our age, mood and desires.

So, yes, shoes can make a woman feel happy. You don’t need to feel guilty with every pair you purchase, just enjoy it. It’s stressful enough being a woman, the last thing we need is to deprive ourselves from the small pleasures that we have actually control over.


  1. Written very well but just stop revealing details about yourself, someone might just send you ice cream as a gift! :D

  2. Awesomely written but as said above with icecream ppl may gift you shoes with an engagement ring!

  3. Nah, no problem!! Looking forward to reading more! :)