Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Massimo Dutti Winter 2012

Massimo Dutti never stood out for his risky proposals even occasionally comes well innovate a little.

Despite the image that opens this post, the new lookbook December shows a more casual looks (not to mention that we are talking about Massimo Dutti) that take us away from the office and invite us to relax in the streets of the city. I have to say that I liked the result, so I invite you to know him!

The Casual Look

We begin with a look casual and simple that shows that there is much to warm the coconut to dress well: one coat 'three quarters' and some jeans that combine with a gray jersey on a t-shirt white base. Loafers brown leather and belt crossed in brown and blue.

Special mention deserves the Super travel bag Duffel that contrasts perfectly with the look. With respect to loafers without socks, you are going to carry well in winter who I know.

Coats, Jackets, Sweaters, Footwear and Accessories 

But what I liked most of the look and that smells like best seller, is the coat reversible shown. If we turn the coat initial get another of the same color but with padded pockets. Theirs is to meet someone and turn to coat occasionally to dislodge some staff.

Blue and Brown are two colors that know how to live very well with the cold. Again, we return to the jeans in a composition which includes two Brown jackets of lather and some fur, sweaters of the same color to contrast.

Okay, I said that it was more casual than usual, but at least a set of costume should appear at Massimo Dutti. Which is proposed to us is a three-piece American/trousers of corduroy and wool vest to avoid losing temperature. If the mercury continues to drop, with a coat feathers you'll protect you from the cold.

If we talk about the good team before they are brown and blue. Let's add the green to form a winning trio. It is important that the tones are muted for success: brown for belt, watch and boots, green for pants and blue Chinos superior to everything (coat, shirt and sweater.

We finish with two very simple casual looks that once again shows that dressing well is not difficult. The jacket that we see on the left is also reversible and on this occasion, the padding is replaced by a nylon lining. An interesting resource for rainy days.

As every man has some jeans, you also need to have some Chinos in brown. Equally essential is to have sweaters V-neck or pea box in blue and gray. Timeless garments not go out of style.

Massimo Dutti relaxes slightly full of timeless classics with a few sets that lookcasual elegance nonexempt. The incursion of coats and jackets reversible is a sensible proposal that more than one knight will save you a headache to buy a warm garment.

Massimo Dutti also gets my vote. I would recommend people to stick to this look for winter. Very subtle yet classy. 

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